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Here are the Few Things, You Will Get Wonder to Know About Designer Saree ( Sari ). 


HOW TO WEAR SAREE ( Sari ) Easily? 

sari makes a style proclamation as well as very agreeable to wore with right hanging. On the off chance that you practice the specialty of hanging a Designer saree, nothing can make you more exquisite than a party wear saree. Realize your body type and wrap the party wear saree such that supplements your figure just as the design of the Designer saree. 
Wrap your sari with a couple of tips given underneath: 

here is , HOW SAREE WEAR

Step-1: Before you begin wearing a sari, assemble all the things you will require self-locking pins, extras, underskirt, footwear, pullover, and the sari. 
Step-2: First take your choli/pullover and underskirt. Keeping up the correct length of sari, begin tucking it into the slip. 
Step-3: Once you have curved and taken care of the sari, make creases and fold them into the underskirt from the front. Guarantee the creases are perfect, even and straight. You can stick those creases together. 
Step-4: Now bring the pallu behind you. You can either crease the pallu, leave it open or wrap it in front according to your loving. 
Step-5: If you are exhausted of conveying the pallu behind you, at that point let it hang over your arm to give you a really present-day look. 
Step-6: Accessorize your preferred sari  with a metallic or beaded belt for formal events. Pick a normal belt over sari for easygoing events. 
Step-7: Do the last finish up with pretty cosmetics and a ravishing hairdo fitting your Designer saree wrap and style.

As you see above,  HOW SAREE DRAPING



A sari is one of the world's ever seasoned outfits for ladies and perhaps the main enduring unstitched piece of clothing from an earlier time. Let us follow the source of this lovely piece of clothing. 

The last ever punctual proof of Indian saree can be followed back to a great many years prior to old civic establishments like Indus Valley Civilization. During that time, ladies utilized a material to wrap around their bodies. That sari like the article of clothing was not quite the same as what ladies wear today. The indian saree was likewise referenced in sacrosanct Hindu sacred texts like Mahabharata and Ramayana. 

Progressively as different civic establishments came to India, the wrapped fabric like saris saw continuous advancement. The Greeks and Persians were significant influencers who presented the 'specialty of sewing' in India. So ladies during that period sewed the fabric to give them a legitimate fall and wrap, like the indian saree we dress up today. 

Indeed, even the appearance of Mughals directly affected the advancement of the Indian saree. Dazzled by the rich and regal style of Mughal texture, the silk weavers of India adjusted numerous conventional weaving styles, embellishments, and design and utilized it on silk indian sarees. Indeed, during that period, various strategies for weaving, coloring, and silk printing saris were found. The post-Mughal period saw the pattern of dressing up a saree with a pullover and underskirt as is despite everything worn today by silk sai ladies. 

Along these lines, we can say that the indian saree we see today is an impact of different developments and societies.


Indian Saree Online

Nowadays Sari is found in many different and stunning style. There are also many various styles of embroidery design , colors and fabrics that can elevate the value of a sari to that of exquisite art pieces. There are more than twenty different varieties of Sari, all with distinctive differences, for example: 

Printed Saree & Embroidered Saree
Silk Saree, Net Saree, Chiffon Saree, Georgette Saree, & many more
Kanjivaram saree, Banarasi Sarees, Bhandhej Saree & many more
Bridal Saree OR Wedding Saree, Designer Sari



Consistently new styles and designs of indian sarees are being made and developing on the design scene. Here's a rundown containing all the top and trends saree slants in India that will suit nearly everybody who dress up them. 


Today, Designer saree Blouse are something other than a bit of inclusion. Current ladies favor inventive indian saree pullover structures that supplement a plain saree flawlessly. From various necks, printed designs, unsettled and bordered sleeves to an assortment of weaving structures, get a special style indian saree look by blending a plain indian saree with fashioner blouse.


" As the centuries progressed, the Designer saree has been considered as the Indian lady's customary legacy ensemble. It is a fine bit of ethnic attire that is both great and agreeable simultaneously. "

Prior, the ace weavers made Designer sarees for the sovereigns and princesses from fine muslin and silk textures. Such Designer sarees could go through a petite jeweled ring of a lady. Cotton was one of the principal characteristic fiber meshed into a indian saree. Cotton sarees are ideal to be worn in the mid-year season as they are light and vaporous. indian Sarees worn for propitious and strict services are woven from extraordinary textures like brocade, silk, Kanchipuram, and so forth. Textures are colored in a few different ways to make mysterious and concealed impacts and explicit examples. 

The one of a kind prints of Bandhanis and Leheriya sarees of Rajasthan and Gujarat are made with a tie-and-color process. The provincial craftsmen and weavers utilized sparkling, multi-faceted materials to make wonderful indian sarees. A large number of the structures and themes as observed on indian sarees are enlivened commonly and religion. Sarees come in various examples like - basic Buti (Dots), multifaceted flower design, checks, zari fringes and some more. A indian saree's print and example can change a lady's character by the manner in which it is worn or hung around the body. It can make a lady like sexy, exquisite, coy, exotic, humble all simultaneously.



Sarees worn by on-screen characters like Actresses in motion pictures or cloudy occasions have consistently been all the rage. The market is slanting with Bollywood sarees that saw precisely like celebrity looks those well used by the superstars. So you would now be able to take after your preferred big-name by dressing a close to consummate Bollywood saree.


Today, saree Blouse are something other than a bit of inclusion. Current ladies incline toward imaginative saree Blouse design that supplement a plain saree flawlessly. From various necks, printed designs, unsettled and bordered sleeves to an assortment of weaving plans, get a special style Designer saree look by matching a plain indian saree with originator pullover. 


With boisterous work routines, new age ladies and working young ladies like to dress in prepared to line Designer sarees in agreeable textures. These pre-sewed readymade sarees are an aid to ladies as it encourages them to prepare rapidly without complaining much about hanging the Designer saree. Customary yet contemporary, the pre-hung sari choice is unquestionably worth. 


With changing design inclinations, ladies are searching for a more combination rendition of the ordinary Indian saree. Today Designer saree with pants, articulation pullovers and sarees with a midsection belt are very stylish. Giving the Traditional saree a chic present day, Indo-western sarees are winning the hearts all feminine category.


The prepared to wrap lehenga styled sarees are the well trends and well-known patterns in the design world. The blend of a lehenga with a saree pallu is the perfect ethnic wear for any gathering or wedding capacity. The lehenga saree isn't just simple to dressing yet, in addition, gives an alternate and in vogue look to your clothing. 


Prepare to shake this wedding season in a select planner wore dhoti style saree. This entrancing dhoti saree is flexible and complimenting and gives you a rich presence. It is prepared to dress in sari and is very agreeable to haul around. Accessible in a few shades, examples and different Blouse, don't pass up a great opportunity to purchase a wonderful dhoti saree. 


These contemporary style sarees should be a piece of your party wear sari closet. At present decision, the design world, enjoy loads of unsettles to glitz up your gathering. Ornaments or unsettles on the saree pallu, creases, or the hemline, unsettle sarees are exceptionally engaging and can in a flash add dramatization to your advanced saree dress up.


For an Erotic and Engaging look, ladies ought to go for glossy silk saree. The texture is smooth and gleaming, glossy silk saree feature a ladies' bends and make her sexy. For the some part, these saris come in plain and inconspicuous hues and are a hot ever loved among ladies.

A Period of any beautifully hand embroidery silk saree can amaze the dresser and passinate lovers of the silk saree, this Designer saree has more to offer. Wedding silk saree come in various colors , texture and designs etc., however this faboulous sari has come with a different vibrant combination. Yes, Sunshine Orange saree and beautiful turquoise green saree come together in this impeccable bridal saree making it one of the rarest combinations ever in the contrast silk saree.

All Indian woman's heart, the sari occupies a special place. Sari is the traditional wear of Indian women. Silk saree have occupied an important place in the world of fashion and today women of different caste have shown their preference in this elegant piece of sari. India has put forward the world finest collection of silk sari, which are available in a wide collection of prints and colors, suitable for wedding sari and any occasions.

Silk as a fabric is of various types. Different sector of India are famous for their silk saree. Especially South India, where there is the maxi. growth of this fabric and a considerable section of population is involved into silk sari business. Indian Kanchipuram silk sari is famous in world of Fashion. Be it the rearing of silk saree worms or the weaving of sari, India has shown its efficiency in producing a wide range of most elegant, beautiful, durable sari. The Prime quality of the silk, the vibrant and luscious hues, the creative design of the pallus and borders make the Indian silk saree stand out from the rest. The different type of sari are kanchipuram or Kanjeevaram, khadi silk , patola,, butter silk, pat, muga, jamdani, banarasi, samu, ikat, paper silk, mysore, etc.

The beauty of these saris is further accentuated with zari works, Lies work, beads, mirrors, zardozi borders, hand embroidery. Each piece of sari is an artistic creation.


Weddings are special occasions. The matrimonial ceremony in India is a series of events with detailed wardrobe sessions. These events allow you to go all out and embellish yourself in the most luxurious embellish.

But the very thought of clothes selection can make you frown, and this dilemma does not spare even the bride! As a style enthusiast, we would offer for wearing a wedding saree for the occasion. Amidst the growing innovations in lehenga cholis, Sharara , Anarkali suits and all sorts of contemporary wear, the Indian saree stands out like an invincible trend.

Wedding saree have a special place in Indian women’s wardrobe. From fascinating Banarasi sarees and traditional silk sarees to regal Kanjeevaram and silk Designer sarees, designer sarees are the first choice for every occasion.

Its is also demanded internationally as well due to their loveliness, charm, and exquisiteness. They are preferred by women of all ages for wedding saree, engagement saree, reception saree, anniversary saree, and other festive events. They can be draped in multiple ways and styled with unique accessories and embellishments. A fashion-conscious woman loves pampering herself with highly attractive and beautiful designer saree or wedding saree every once in a while.

Brocade and embroidered wedding saree, as well as georgette and chiffon printed wedding sarees are topping the fashion charts this year. The flawless wedding design, perfectly stitched embellished blouse, rich colors, and heavy zari, zardozi, sequin, brocade and other types of embroideries make them the must-have ethnic essential for every woman's wedding saree.

Wedding sarees collection is incomplete without a rich and classic silk saree. It is a beautiful piece of Indian textile work that you must have in your Saree collection. With elaborated and mesmerizing designs, Wedding sarees are perfect for wedding saree and reception saree. They are available in multiple colors, rich borders, motifs, and prints.

Vastra Queen Wedding sarees are the hot favorite of Indian women right now. Whether it is a wedding function or a traditional Diwali festival, a wedding saree is perfect for all occasions and events. They are available in various colors, embroideries, and designs. If you are looking for wedding sarees , then a vastraqueen saree is all you need.

If you love light-weight fashion without compromising with the style, then a chiffon or georgette wedding saree with elaborative borders, prints, and embroideries is perfect for you.

The vibrant georgette wedding saree can pep your ethnic look to another level. These are extremely easy to drape, carry, and maintain.

Heavy-work Embroidered wedding Sarees

Heavy designer wedding sarees are for special occasions like weddings, engagements, or an evening party. If you want to be the prettiest lady in the room, then pick a heavy-work embroidered designer wedding saree online. You can enhance the overall look with a stunning designer wedding blouse.

Which Color Select to Get Attractive Look of Saree on You?

Hues and tones assume a noteworthy job while choosing what to wear and when. There is an attitude of Indian individuals that you can dressing in a couple of hues at somewhere while few not, however, this isn't the situation of the present age individuals. As the flawlessly picked Designer saree shading can represent the deciding your moment, you ought to pick your shading cautiously. On the off chance that you have no clue about which hues to decide to get the best things to wear, here is a guide: 

Dark Sarees

Black shading sarees can never be an inappropriate decision for any large occasion, as those days are no more when dark is worn uniquely in grieving. Picking Designer dark silk sarees for goodbye or dark architect Designer sarees for a wedding can never be outdated. Dark shading in Net, Chiffon or Lace material will be simply ideal for any event.  

One of the most loved shadings among Indian ladies for ethnic wear is red shading, particularly for Bridal wear. Plain red shading saree or red silk saree with either dark or brilliant outskirts will the ideal outfit thoughts for a wedding. Supplement your red saree look with a brilliant Blouse and gold gems to have a marvelous.

White Saree

As White shading speaks to the awesome and immaculateness, a similar way of white saree will give you a Simple and Traditional look. Shop White Saree with Red Border to prepare the happy Durga Puja look. On the off chance that you will go to any south Indian wedding, so pick the staggering with white cotton saree with brilliant fringe. 

Yellow Saree 

Yellow shading speaks to new expectations, new feel, and new vitality. On the off chance that you love to display in yellow saree,  you should have plain or planner yellow shading saree in your wonderful saree closet. The assortment of yellow sarees at VASTRA QUEEN covers a wide range of trends saree design in various textures like cotton, silk, net, and chiffon in numerous novel shades of yellow to match it with differentiate pullover. 

Blue Saree

Mix the shade of opportunity and certainty with our customary Indian dress as the blue sarees. Pick the ideal Designer silk blue shading saree in either regal blue, naval force blue, sky blue or peacock blue shade according to the event requests. Get the shocking search for a wedding or celebration by blending a complexity Blouse for your blue planner saree. 

Brilliant Saree 

The gold shading sarees makes you smooth as well as add shine to your gathering prepared. The creator brilliant saree with dark or red Blouse are the ideal decision for any wedding capacity. These Designer sarees far superior in silk, cotton, and handloom Saree Fabric. 

Green Saree 

The green sarees assortment at VASTRA QUEEN have all the tints of green from bottle green, dim green, light green, parrot green to peacock green to make your style remainder high. Dull green silk saree

 with the pop shading pullover will be the ideal decision for any wedding or commitment capacities. 

Pink Saree 

There is no option of pink shading saree to appealing. It is possible that you pick light pink or child pink sarees for wedding, you will never turn out badly with it. You can snatch pink botanical printed saree to display in any office parties.

and Many More.....!!



Saree can see like stunning with a planner Blouse . A pullover in the recent structure can change the whole appearance of the saree. Probably the latest Designer saree blouse design.

Bridle Neck Blouse

One of the trendiest Blouse , strap necks in the bare-backed plan, within vogue prints and embellishments, like astonishing with your Designer saree. 

Sequin Blouse 

Nowadays Sequence Saree is Most Trending Stylish Pattern in Fashion World. Go strong at a gathering with daringly cut sequin pullovers in brilliant, silver or dark shading with a coordinating plain saree. 

Cape style Blouse

Flared sleeves with capes as an afterthought or front of the Blouse gives a shaking turn to your ordinary saree. Wrap the saree pallu around the cape top or convey it in your grasp for an in vogue look. 

High Neck Blouse 

For an increasingly refined and rich go for the high necked Blouse with a printed or weaved saree. There are numerous sorts of necklines like Chinese neckline, dwindle dish neckline, and so on.



Any Indian Function or occasion requires exceptional clothing to parade. On the off chance that there's an ethnic topic, party wear sarees are the best choice. A weekend party is best delighted in by glancing exquisite in a party wear saree. party wear Sarees draw out the best in each time of women from little youngsters to matured ladies. Party wear sarees online at Vastra Queen comes different prints, structures, and hues. You can even pick architect sarees for parties with a great deal of or insignificant embellishments. Pick textures and material of designer party wear saree dependent on your event and time of the gathering. In case you are caring for unprecedented and reduced evaluated party wear sarees for the wedding, we have the best online party wear saree shopping website. 

Hot shot your design sense at the gathering in the negligible spending plan, as we have the best collection of party wear sarees under 1500 rupees. Pair your recent gathering designer party  wear saree with either proclamation accessory or articulation jhumkas. Browse the latest collection of party wear saree plans in 2021 to catch the eye in the gathering swarm. Get your preferred big-name with our party wear Bollywood sarees assortment on the web. Insignificant adornments and focus separated straight hair will splendidly go with our party wear saree structures. Styles and Choices of Sarees at Vastra Queen will likely give you a Great Styel either in a Diwali or a Wedding. Remember to purchase Party wear sarees from Vastra Queen.



Do you ever feel that you are fat and terrible at whatever point you dressing a saree? At that point, examine the best saree hanging tips for thin and alluring. 

A : It's essential to wrap your saree creases decent and smooth so it emphasizes your body impeccably. 

B : Stay away from substantial and hardened textures and pick a light normal texture that adheres to your body. 

C : The correct shade of saree likewise assumes a significant job to represent the moment of truth you are. To conceal your concern territory consistently pick dim shades of saree. 

D : Rather than picking huge eye-getting prints, pick little botanical printed sarees which make you thin and tall. 

E : Brilliant and wide fringes make you fat and short, so go for sarees with slim outskirts. 

F : Sarees with long or quarter sleeve Blouse will assist you with hiding your gigantic arms and gives you a fantasy of thin. 

G : A standout amongst other hanging style strategy is to tie your saree beneath the navel to have the ideal saree. 

In this way, before you, shop saree online, remember at these saree hanging tips and TRICKS.


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